Unwritten Rules of Hockey

There are so many rules for hockey, yet there are some rules that should really be in the book or enforced more. People call these the unwritten rules, because despite them not being official rules, people still get told them and follow them. I am going to list a few of the rules I think should be made official, and you can comment and add your own opinion about these rules or other ones which you think should be official.

  • If you injure the opposition, and the foul is still given against them, you should give them the ball. Because really, you have taken their player out the game, making them have to play a not so good player, meaning you have disadvantaged them.
  • Don’t chat back to the referees. It is their job to make the decisions, not yours. The decision maybe a bad one, but just move on. I bet every player has gotten away with something they shouldn’t off, for example a back stick or kicking the ball, but the ref hasn’t sen it, They can’t see everything, so you shouting at them probably makes them go against your side. Through previous experiences, a player in my team was very talented, but just couldn’t keep his mouth shut, meaning refs didn’t like our team, and he would usually get carded.
  • Despite this being a rule, i think it should be enforced more. If you have given a foul away, don’t hit the ball away! Even if it is just a we nudge of the ball, it annoys everyone. The punishment should be moving the ball up 10 metres and warning them if they do it again, it will be a card. I just don’t see the point in hitting it away.
  • This is another rule needing to be enforced more. When the ref tells you to “get back five metres” all you have to do is take five steps back, rather than just edge back a bit, and make the ref say it again and again, until you do it, or until the player runs into you and get another foul because you weren’t five metres back.
  • Shaking hands with the opposition is done before or after the game, it isn’t an official rule, yet it is done in almost every sport. So to make it a rule wouldn’t really make much of a difference, but i guess some players don’t shake the hands because they’re angry because of the result for example ,which just shows bad sportsmanship.